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After the launching ceremony of Wuruhi, our brand new team put on their rubber boots and joined the Estonian State Forest Management Centre (RMK) to plant some new trees. The young trees we planted during the campaign were the ones we had previously used at our store opening ceremony in theatre NO99.

Together with RMK hundreds of trees were put to ground and, driven from the good that was done, our Wuruhi team will once again take part of the campaign next year.

Wuruhi’s team stands for respectful and caring treatment of all – this goes to forests that are both meaningful and close to our souls, as well. Our e-store offers a number of wooden products, so planting trees is an ideal way to give our contribution to Estonian forests in return. It is a great way to head our community to think about the consequences of one’s actions.

As inspiring as the previous thought is, taking part of the campaign has also quite strong symbolic meaning to us. In Maori language, word “wuruhi” means “wolf” and that’s how the whole team in Wuruhi sees itself – a wolf pack that grows and works together. Its own importance has also the fact that from this year, wolf is the official national animal of Estonia. We feel that our roots belong to forests and it is our solemn duty to take good care of it.

Wuruhi is also proud to say that the significance of the forest is valued by our designers. In November 2017, one of our brands NVBYK created a jewelry collection called “Mine Metsa” or “Walk the Forest” that is an ode to our precious forests while also serving as a reminder that we in Baltics are lucky enough to enjoy the nature and everything in it in a free and old-fashioned way. Purchasing anything from the Capsule collection means that its designers will plant a young tree in celebration of Estonian forests – and your conscious purchase. Read more about “Mine Metsa” from here.


Wuruhi meeskond metsa istutamine

Wuruhi meeskond metsa istutamine

Photography: Arttu Karvonen

First, never underestimate the influence of a single person's vision and ability to inspire others. Second, these packs of passionate people always deserve a great story. / Editor in Wuruhi.com