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It all started with an idea to create memorable experiences and adding value to guests from all around the world – all by telling stories about design, creation, and the power of expressing oneself. So in July, Wuruhi took up the challenge and set up an Estonian jewellery and accessory design showroom in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri Hotel in Helsinki.

“We are not just a design shop, we are a wolf pack,” tells Pille, the founder of Wuruhi. The word “wuruhi”, as some of you might know, means a “wolf” in the Maori language.

“Wuruhi’s team, our designers and enablers help each other grow as well as help you discover the hidden jewels of the Baltics. We present studio artists with exceptional craftsmanship who all tell their unique stories through design,” Pille explains.

As our readers have perhaps noticed, Wuruhi has a showroom in Tallinn, in Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria – a hotel of Estonian design and stories. Running that showroom gives Wuruhi an opportunity to work with international customers, to understand their taste as well as hear valuable feedback about the quality of our design here in the Baltics.

It so happened that this summer Wuruhi was offered a chance to set up another story-telling showroom – this time in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri Hotel in Helsinki, Finland.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Alli-Liis wearing green titanium drops earrings by Estonian designer Tohuto.

Wuruhi started its journey on the last day of June by packing our wolf pack designers’ jewellery and directing our path to the neighbouring capital.

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the Radisson Blu Aleksanteri Hotel team. The hotel itself is located in the trendy Punavuori neighbourhood.

“Radisson Blu Aleksanteri is excellent at making you feel right at home. It’s cosy yet vibrant with absolutely exceptional service,” Pille describes her first impressions.

Wuruhi’s showroom was set up right next to the Aleksanteri lounge where guests are welcome to relax and enjoy their leisurely time.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Wuruhi pop-up showroom at Radisson Blu Aleksanteri Hotel in Helsinki.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Both our first and last days at the showroom were marked by Blu Thursday special events which only take place during summertime. These evenings were filled with people enjoying warm summer nights with refreshing drinks, good company, and beautiful live music.

On these occasions, Blu Thursday guests had a special chance to explore the stories created by Estonian designers. Whether it’s the story behind Hyrv’s Blossom collection or the inspiration behind Darth Vader cufflinks by Merle Kasonen, every creation offers a unique purpose to both the designer and the onlooker.

Blu Thursday evening with Wuruhi.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

During the whole month of July, we had the chance to furthermore tell the stories of our designers through memorable interactions with the hotel guests.

Whether they were the basketball players from United Kingdom and Argentina, an Italian couple from Milan and Venice who were looking for a perfect birthday present, cruise ship travellers from United States in awe of Hyrv’s elegance, students from Washington DC fascinated by Front’s craftsmanship, Spanish ladies flabbergasted by Estonian leather designer Astrid Rajalo Universe collection, or Ed Sheeran concert-goers from Moscow who opted for Anneli Tammik’s Double Lilac earrings and Seco by Jane Aus Crescent Moon earrings. The uniqueness of our designers was reflected in the variety of our showroom visitors.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Estonian designer Merle Kasonen visiting Wuruhi showroom in Helsinki and talking about her design creation process.

Whereas Wuruhi’s e-store exhibits over 60 designers, in Aleksanteri Lounge we got a chance to present 10 of them. Design for both Him and Her was represented, of course.

For Him, we brought along tie-aprons by Tie&Apron, Ööloom sleeping masks, wooden bow ties, cufflinks and handkerchiefs by Wooden Lifestyle, as well as elegant cufflinks by Merle Kasonen.

For Her, we exhibited minimalistic jewellery by Kaire Rannik, lilac and hydrangea inspired earrings by Anneli Tammik, knot earrings by Merle Kasonen, great craftsmanship by Front, elegant Blossom, Tori and Antler collections by Hyrv, colourful dot earrings by Linda al-Assi, leather designer Astrid Rajalo, recycled metal user Seco by Jane Aus, Rita Liivia, Lisa Kroeber, Kairi Lentsius, Birgit Skolimovski, Kaia Saarna, and Tohuto.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

On display: jewellery from Anneli Tammik.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

On display are bow ties & cufflinks by Wooden Lifestyle, apron with a tie by Tie&Apron and wooden earrings from Framed by Karl.

What we appreciated the most about Radisson Blu was how they strive to provide a space where everyone can be their authentic selves. On our final day, Wuruhi decided to use this atmosphere to do just that: show our own different stories during a photoshoot.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Pille is wearing Tori black onyx ring and bracelet by Hyrv, Twist silver ring by Kaire Rannik, minimal silver ring by Linda al-Assi, and Twisted silver ring by Merle Kasonen.

Pille represents or is described by a sophisticated, elegant and timeless style.

“We don’t need many things, but we do need great things. Constantly being on the road and in the work-mode, I basically have no time to shop. When I do buy something, it has to last and therefore be of great quality,” is Pille’s mantra in the age of consumption.

For Alli-Liis, Pille is a modern and powerful woman who faces all the challenges head-on.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu AleksanteriAlli-Liis is wearing Moon collection bracelets & necklace from Seco by Jane Aus, Hyrv Coco pearl pendant, and Rasma Puspure’s Perfect Match necklace & ring.

Alli-Liis is oftentimes described as the opposite, a chameleon by style and a strong-minded independent creative artist and a stylist by nature. Depending on the day, she can be either trendy chic or funky bohemian.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Alli-Liis is wearing Astrid Rajalo’s Universe collection leather bracelets, Merle Kasonen’s Knot earrings, Kaire Rannik’s silver leaves earrings.

Yet, both Alli-Liis and Pille are hard-working young ladies whose passion has become their lifestyle and work. There is no doubt that both of them are the biggest fans of Wuruhi’s designers, wearing their creation on daily basis.

Wuruhi in Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

All in all, Wuruhi had many memorable moments in Helsinki and we are ready for new adventures. Pille & Alli wearing Drops earrings by Tohuto.

Photographer: Arttu Karvonen

Models: Team Wuruhi (Pille & Alli-Liis)

All jewellery from WURUHI showroom

Story concept: Margaret Aidla

Location: Radisson Blu Aleksanteri Hotel in Helsinki, Finland


To shop smart. This is central to my own philosophy and experience. We do not need many things but we do need great things. / Founder of Wuruhi.com