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Wuruhi team has been busy! And we owe it to the opportunity to collaborate with the fantastic Estonian design and story hotel Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria in Tallinn.

Not only is Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria committed to telling stories of the small country, it works to promote the uniqueness of Estonian design. This is why in February and March this year Wuruhi set up a base in Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria with a wide selection of our designers.

Estonian leather and textile design

Our dear Estonia – alongside with our Baltic neighbour Lithuania – celebrated its 100th birthday in February which we happily joined through a week of promoting Estonian leather and textile designers including Kadri Kruus, Astrid Rajalo, Ida Tau, Kristel Suigussaar, MiDeer, Tie&Apron, DeMoog Design House and Alton Bags.


Wuruhi pop-up store

Estonian leather and textile design in Wuruhi pop-up store in hotel Estoria, 07.02-14.02.2018

By the way!, the biggest excitement was caused by the tie apron for men, a true hit!

We finished it up on February 14 – on Valentine’s Day which is more commonly known in Estonia as the friends’ day – by inviting our dear friends over for a small celebration.


Valentine’s Day Brunch with Wuruhi’s friends

Estonian jewellery design

The next Wuruhi pop-up store was in place already a couple of weeks later, right for the time to celebrate women! This time, we were joined by Estonian jewellery artists, including Anneli Tammik, Kaire Rannik, Tanel Veenre, Lisa Kröeber, Birgit Skolimowski, Krista Lehari, Hyrv, Seco by Jane Aus and New Vintage by Kriss.


Wuruhi pop-up store

Estonian jewellery artists in Wuruhi pop-up store in hotel Estoria, 5.03-14.03.2018


On the day before Women’s Day, March 7, Estoria invited its corporate guests for a clients’ night and we had the chance to continue our designer meet-up events series, with Anneli Tammik and Kaire Rannik from the creative house on Hobusepea Street as speakers.


Wuruhi Pop-Up store

Wuruhi pop-up store

Wuruhi team with jewellery artists Anneli Tammik and Kaire Rannik in Wuruhi pop-up store in Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria.

Thank you all who came by and supported Estonian design and Wuruhi & see you all soon!

First, never underestimate the influence of a single person's vision and ability to inspire others. Second, these packs of passionate people always deserve a great story. / Editor in Wuruhi.com