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Katrina Tang looks thoughtfully at her camera. For years, capturing bright moments of children has been her job and also a hobby. It makes her happy. Especially now when she is soon becoming a mother herself. A change which gives her new opportunities for professional devotion.

Wuruhi has been a longtime fan of Katrina Tang and her creative work with children. Since she is only weeks away from becoming a first time mom herself, we were curious to learn how this has evolved in her work.

During the first Spring days, Katrina invited us to her cozy home in Tallinn to chat about life and art. We couldn’t have been more excited about the opportunity. This time Katrina turned the camera onto herself and with the entire PR Fashion Room team, it was a delightful and amazing insight to her world.

We’ve also been privileged to have collaborated with her in the past. Most notably when in 2015 we teamed up for a photo shoot called Secret Garden with the daughter of Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Evelin Ilves.

Professional success

2015 was an important year in Katrina’s professional life – she was chosen by Photo District News (PND) as one of the 30 new and emerging photographers. This watch-list was created by PND editors who reviewed the works of more than 300 professional photographers around the globe.

For her amazing and inspiring work she was also named one of the top 12 most outstanding Estonian women in the world in 2015 (EstonianWorld.com).


Katrina Tang self-portrait 2016

Katrina Tang / self-portrait 2016

Since 2016 brings even bigger changes to Katrina’s life, we are delighted to share this intimate interview with her where she lifts the curtain on her professional and personal life.

What is your biggest project at the moment?

I just got back from New York. I was working with one of my favorite brands, Oeuf – over two weeks we shot their new furniture collection, finished shooting their fashion fall/winter 2016 commercial and their look-book catalogue. I’ve been working with Oeuf for 4 years now. We have a huge mutual respect for each other’s work and such a great energy together.

I really like the meaningful side of designs – where brands come from, who made it and what is it made of. So I am not just photographing but creating my own world and deep meaning in what I take photos of. Oeuf is a Fairtrade certified brand: all of their products are handmade in Peru and Bolivia and their furniture in Latvia.

When I’m in Estonia, I do some local projects as well. Most recently, Lenne’s SS16 campaign and a fashion shoot for “Pere ja Kodu” magazine came out.

Next big project is scheduled for the beginning of the upcoming summer – we’re planning to shoot Oeuf’s new collection in Estonia.

In between these photography projects I’ll focus on my biggest and most important one – becoming a mom


Katrina Tang self-portrait 2016

Katrina Tang / self-portrait 2016

You’ve been most known by your outstanding work with children and now you are a soon-to-be mom yourself. Has this changed the way you see kids through the lens?

I’ve always been fascinated by kids and their inner world beyond of what I see through the lens. For instance, already before becoming pregnant I’ve studied some Ülo Vooglaid’s and Ken Robinson’s work. And now, when I’m about to become a mom, I’m looking into learning even more about their approaches on how to raise my baby.

I believe our baby will be a world traveler like I am. Naturally, my life will change, but traveling will still be a big part of my future. Our baby has awesome grandparents and I have super supportive partner who will be able to accompany me and our baby on our adventures. Our child will definitely pass on many of our stories.


Katrina Tang self-portrait 2016

Moment captured by Kaidi Liiv

Katrina, you love wearing clothes and jewelry from Estonian designers. Who are your favorite ones?

For years, I’ve been a big fan of Xenia Joost’s work and I’ve been shooting her kids’ fashion collections since 2013.

Some of my other favorites are Linda-Al-Assi and her fellow jewelry artists from Gram Studio.

For special occasions I made a gift for my partner – footwear by Scheckmann. They create very chic personalized handmade shoes.

And finally, Kristiana Pärn – she’s not a designer, but an Estonian visual artist who lives in New York. She has very fresh and original style with a little twist. I love her work and I have quite a few of her paintings decorating my home.

One of my personal everyday favorite accessories is my Daniel Wellington wrist watch. This is not Estonian, however not from too far away – from Scandinavia.


Katrina Tang self-portrait 2016

For more information about Katrina Tang visit her website www.katrinatang.com


To showcase Katrina’s fondness for Estonian designers’ work, for this photo-shoot we complimented her personal wardrobe with Estonian designers’ clothes.

KATRINA’ S OUTFITS: Marit Illison Black Heart t- shirt from estonian design shop TALI,

KorsarPrint shirt, Liina Viira cardigan, Karolin Kuusik dress

Make-Up and Hair by Maret Ubaleht

Styled by Alli-Liis Vandel

Creative photo assistent: Kaidi Liiv

Text in English: Tanel Jäppinen (author of Brand New Father blog)

Produced by PR Fashion Room

SOME OF the clients Katrina has worked with

Oeuf, Clarks, Mini Boden, French Connection, Xenia Joost, Lenne, Bledina, BabestaBebe Organic, Medela, Pale Cloud children’s daily couture, Mimi Disain, Milk magazineJunior magazine, Babiekins magazine, Naif magazine, Startrite 


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