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Valentine’s Day is a time to express the depth of love and commitment to your significant other. This year, Wuruhi brings you a story of Grete Link and Joshua Yarbrough, of taking a chance that requires a leap of faith – all in the hope that our readers who are in a relationship reminisce about the wonder and beauty of meeting their partner, and our readers still searching for love, can see how the one can walk across your path without a single warning.

It has been a while since Wuruhi has invited a couple for a photoshoot – and approaching this year’s Valentine’s Day, we are excited to introduce Joshua and Grete who make a truly interesting and unusual couple. Their relationship escalated very quickly to one of true commitment – and this is how they like it. Grete Link is a make-up artist and one of the most famous bloggers in Estonia; Joshua is a dancer and lives in USA.

Their story is like from a movie – one life-changing trip, one ground-breaking connection; and a story of the 21st century – of reconnecting through Facebook and falling in love. Wuruhi was with Grete in New York to record the couple’s reunion in preparation for their wedding on February 9 and the first try-on of a gift from the Estonian designer Kokomo.
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A true 21st century love story

Joshua grew up in Jacksonville, FL, but has lived in New York for the past 4 years. He has been a dancer since he was 7 and now gives lessons in three different dance studios. Grete has had nothing to do with dancing but she does love to travel. In the second half of 2015 she flew to New York to discover the Big Apple with her Estonian friend.

“I loved the city but honestly, I never saw myself living there. But then, on the last day of trip, I met Joshua thanks to my friend I was traveling with – we were interested in each other but at that point, that was it,” remembers Grete.

A few months later, Facebook recommended to add Joshua as a friend and to her own surprise, she did it without hesitation. “Joshua was the one to start the first conversation – and the many next ones. Communication was hard because of the 7-hour time difference but hey, if you really want something, you can do everything,” smiles Grete.

“We both quickly understood that we would like to be more serious about each other and see where the mutual affection takes us. This led us to an early engagement – I have never felt anything close to what I feel for Joshua. When I look at him, I see myself and I feel free.” Meanwhile, Joshua seemed to be certain that Grete is the one.

A year that felt like three years for the couple has made them get to know each other in every aspect. “We both believe in the importance of marriage and as neither of us wants to live together with someone we are not married to, we decided to send the engagement application to the corresponding U.S. department. In addition, because we wanted to be together full-time, we could not have just used Esta’s 3-month approval. I could have not entered the country with a plan to get married otherwise and luckily, my application was accepted after only 2 months and the visa approved in 5 months – a true miracle as usually the first part alone takes half a year!”

But where is all the romance, dating, walking in the park together? “On many occasions, we have experienced more stress than romance and we will have been apart for 5 consecutive months before I leave to get married in New York. However, we both believe that the complicated situation gave us an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics, to solve problems and to prepare for a life together.”

Grete and Joshua have their differences just like every other couple but what they have in common are their values, principles, faith and a no-matter-what attitude towards love – the basis for a long-term relationship.

Enjoy the photos!



Grete’ s outfit

To celebrate Grete’s engagement, we chose the Estonian designer Kokomo Collection’s blouse and skirt from her latest, Fall/Winter 2016 collection that was presented at Tallinn Fashion Week Fall 2016. Grete added a leather bag from Stuudio Nahk from her private collection.

Grete Link and Joshua Yarbrough Anete Palmik Grete Link Iti-Pätrik Järve New York
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