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To get your mind to the right wavelength and yourself to fresh air instead of behind the car wheel, Wuruhi met up with young Estonian entrepreneurs who design and produce urban bicycles.

We took the bikes to a photo session and a test drive to have a firsthand experience of the engineering and designs of the KP Cykler vintage bike and the Ampler electric bike.

Wuruhi had a lot of fun testing them – and we fell in love with both! We invited Karl Robert Saaremäe, a young Estonian actor and talent along as he owns a KP Cykler bike himself and bicycling is a big part of his lifestyle.

Karl said:

“Purchasing the KP Cykler bike brought some needed freshness to my life, at an important time. There is a certain charm in its simplicity, lightness, and speed that helps me to purify and move fast.”

Now, let’s meet our main models: KP Cykler Urban Bike and Ampler Pennon Men’s electric bike.

Both go together with the contemporary urban lifestyle – these bikes are unique, different from bikes in stores and great for so much more than just a bike ride.

For comfortable commuting and perfection of details. We love that KP Cykler and Ampler Bikes are both designed for bike lovers – by bike lovers. Although their bikes might look similar, the two differ in their core nature in how they have progressively developed the usual concept of bikes.

Test 1 – KP Cykler Urban Bike

KP Cykler is focused on vintage design that works with details like engraving your name on the frame, bike identification handlebars, innovative gear changing, using chromoly for lightness and genuine leather for the final touch and style. In addition, KP Cykler has developed a Bike Hanger and a bolt-on side car – both examples of the brand’s practicality and innovation.

We already felt the need for the basket when doing the photoshoot – the side car is excellent for storing stuff just like the trunk or sideseat of the car and definitely a useful addition for everyday commuting.


KP Cykler Urban Bike: stylish and amazingly comfortable

Test 2 – Ampler Electric Bikes

Ampler Bikes produces electric bikes that can be customized through your smartphone, are lighter than other electric bicycles and lure you to use it for sweatless rides to work and home.  Ampler has a timeless design and its bikes are charged for up to 70 km, smoothening your ride with pedal assist for ultimate control over the vehicle.

Wuruhi was surprised to see how normal Ampler Bikes look – we thought that adding an electric motor makes the bike huge but they have managed to minimalistically design it so that there is nothing unnecessary. We especially like how riding an electric bike increases its potential use as people are ready to expand their riding distance thanks to the motor assistance.


Meet Ampler Pennon Men’s electric bike

Men behind the bicycles

It’s interesting how behind both of the brands are Estonian guys who even went to school together! Now they make the bikes by hand – KP Cykler in Denmark and Ampler Bikes in Estonia with professionals who guarantee high quality and durability of the product.

The trust and high reputation of the two can be seen in their public funding projects – Ampler Bikes just finished their Indiegogo campaign with 134% of target and KP Cykler got the funding for the Perfect Urban Bike on Kickstarter within the first 24 hours.

Karl’ s outfit

We in Wuruhi are all about the lifestyle and design that cares for the environment, high quality, and unique approach. Commuting without a car is invigorating and decreases your environmental footprint while getting some daily exercise.

To further enhance it, we dressed Karl into a denim shirt, T-shirt, and blue jeans from Reet Aus who uses upcycled materials. We also got a chance to use shoes from Uncle Paul and the new Estonian produced special bicycling shirt SÄRK made from Merino wool.

Thank you, KP Cykler & Ampler Bikes teams and Karl for a great day and for being a part of this project!

Karl-Robert Saaremäe Pille Aasa Arttu Karvonen Alli-Liis Vandel Reet Aus, SÄRK Uncle Paul
Carina Paju Kalamaja

Story was first published at PR Fashion Room lifestyle blog in May 2016.

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