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Wuruhi loves to work and make stories about young talented people and at the same time bring in some cool part of fashion.

This time we had the honor to work with Kaspar – an Estonian who is behind Danish cycling brand KP Cykler. What Wuruhi likes the most about him is that he was brave enough to step out of his everyday life to take on a great passion and do what he loves most in his life.

Style and Clothing

Kaspar himself has a very good taste in clothing. We wanted to spice it up by adding some great accessories. We collaborated this photo shoot with Kalle Aasamäe from Kalle HT. He is a well known Estonian men’s fashion designer. His designs are comfortable high-quality clothes with unique details. This was a perfect match for choosing clothes for this photo shoot since everything about the bikes is thought through in great detail. Also the bikes represent a vintage style we wanted to include in the photo shoot. We were happy to work this time with photographer Arttu Karvonen, who is a known as a fashion and portrait photographer. 

Story of a modern artist

Kaspar has always been a hands-on type of an inventor. As a child you would’ve found him making a bison farm from toilet paper rolls or creating a piece of art from Legos which lead to a degree in Engineering. Recently he left his desk job to design and build aesthetically beautiful bicycles.
The decision came after returning from holidays in the summer of 2014, and so a new chapter began.

In the day he would work in a creative agency and at night he would be the head designer and chief engineer of what would be KP Cykler. „I felt like a kid in a candy shop. It fealt great to have to come up with mathematical solutions for all manufacturing drawings“.

A dream to deliver

After just 4 months from the beginning of design process the first bikes were ready. Kaspar remembers the first glance at a full bike: „The parts arrived the night before we were supposed to start filming our Kickstarter video with World Champion Alex Rasmussen. I spent the whole night and morning putting the bike together. I had gone the whole day working and filming, the evening was the first time to soak it all in and it hit – WOW! I have created something on the computer screen and now it’s actually in my hands. Pure joy!“

For the past half a year he has been a full-time entrepreneur making his dream – KP Cykler vintage bicycles – a reality. The company will launch it’s bikes on Kickstarter this March 2015.

“Many of us have been working for years as professionals. We’ve arrived in a place that is safe and comfortable, yet seldom rewarding and fulfilling.” We hope Kaspar’s story will inspire you to chase your dreams.

Wuruhi loves the simplicity of KP Cykler bicycles – best put by
Antoine de Saint-Exupery “Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There is Nothing Left to Take”
Kaspar Peek Pille Aasa Arttu Karvonen Alli-Liis Vandel Karina Kotkas Kalle HT
KP Cykler
Story was first published at PR Fashion Room lifestyle blog in March 2015.

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