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This past Sunday, April 8, Wuruhi and a whopping 110 designers from all over the Baltics were out on the Spring Design Market!

For the 8th year in a row, people could marvel and bring home creation from a wide range of textile, ceramics, jewellery, accessory, children’s and interior design brands.

The Estonian Design Centre organized the Spring Design Market (Kevadine Disainiturg 2018) in collaboration with the culture event of the year, Tallinn Music Week.


Photo: Aron Urb

The popularity of the event has grown from year to year. This time around, 250 designers competed for the limited amount of spots. Kaire Rannik, the project manager of the Design Market says it was a tough selection process as there are plenty of new talented designers every year. As the market of local design is growing, so is the quality. It’s a highly popular event – this year, there were over 4200 people who participated and came by the Design Market.

SpringDesign Market took place in Kultuurikatel in Tallinn. Wuruhi was out with the selection from our three designers: the Estonian jewellery artist Ülle Kõuts, the Latvian jewellery artist Sofia Lark and the leather accessory brand Ida Tau. Besides design, people had a chance to enjoy great food, music and the splendid atmosphere of Kultuurikatel. Thank you all who came by and invested into Baltic Design!

Read up in Estonian here.


Enjoy the Wuruhi team gallery!

Photos: Arttu Karvonen

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