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In honor of bicycles and a healthy-happy-active lifestyle, we met up with Siim Susi, founder of the cafe Must Puudel (Black Poodle), and asked him to share how he incorporates exercise into his busy life.

This story was like fitting together puzzle pieces with a Michelangelo as a result: Kaspar Peek, the creator of KP Cyclery and lover of bicycles, creating a custom bike for the cafe of another bicycle-lover, Siim Susi. Siim is the co-founder of two (soon three!) family-run cafes in Tallinn: Must Puudel and August. Wuruhi loves designers, loves craftsmanship and loves people with an exciting and meaningful lifestyle. So here we are – showing off beautiful design from Wuruhi’s shop with Siim and KP Cyclery’s custom black bike that will be up for sale right there in the retro-ish Must Puudel.

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Must Puudel is one of the most iconic modern cafes in Tallinn Old Town with a funky, Soviet-cosy feel to it. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up at one of their legendary parties – if not, you’ll still have a chance to jump back in time while enjoying fresh and home-style cuisine. We met up with the ultimately friendly Siim in his cafe while his children were skipping around the place, asked a few simple questions and took a few shots with the elegant  KP Cyclery bike.

Backbag by ALTON

Who is Siim Susi? How do you as a business owner lead a healthy life?

I’m a 36-year-old cafe owner, father of two and lead an active lifestyle.

In the city I mostly commute by bike or on foot and after a heavy dinner I try and take a detour on my way home. I always try to make sure I don’t consume more than I spend (calories that is!).

Mostly it is about feeling good though – I love to run and ski; when there is time and weather, I play hockey and go sailing.

How does your average day look like?

I wake up at 7 every day, see that my children get to school or kindergarten on time and wife makes it to work or training. By 9, I will be in the cafe next door where I usually spend an active workday until 16:30… and then, if I get the chance, I have a 20 minute beauty sleep in order to shine the other half of the day as well! Afternoons usually go by in the company of my children and if I can, I go and exercise.

Restaurant and cafe business is tough. Why do you do it and who inspires you in it?

I love the lifestyle that comes with managing a cafe. There are plenty of challenges and opportunities to prove yourself. My main inspiration is my wife Margit who I have a chance to meet at work, at home and in our free time


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