KADRI KRUUS Florence Bag


FLORENCE is businesslike and elegant. Florence will offer you company if you come to a party without knowing anyone and the smartphone, with which you are pretending to be busy, is empty. You may also remember that Florence can take on many things – for example, besides iPad, there is a book that you supposed to start reading a long time ago. Who needs this party anymore?

Spacious, strong-bottomed, unlined leather carrying case.

Product details

  • Dimensions: 26x36x13cm
  • Material: Leather (Italy)
  • Lining: Fabric with KK logo
  • Colour: Black, Forest, Mint, Muscat, Orange Glow, Red Wine
  • Made in Estonia


This product is made to order. The product will be shipped out within 2-4 weeks. When the product is shipped out – the delivery time depends on the buyers location. In Baltics the delivery takes 3-5 business days.



Collection: URBAN

Designer’s note: Sometimes you only need to think of yourself. Especially when it comes to handbags. Each element of the URBAN Collection has its function. Meaning that you just don’t want these bags. You really need them.

Kadri Kruus is Estonian designer behind the brand Kadri Kruus - Bags and Accessories. Ten years ago she found herself studying leather art at the Estonian Art Academy. This was half by chance and half due to her own stubbornness. She clearly remembers being in awe at the passion and devotion the craftsmen had towards their niche art form. Kadri designs for dreamers and she keeps on going because she believes beauty will save the world!

Additional information


Forest, Lavender Blue, Muscat, Orange Glow, Red Wine, Black, Mint