VERBA Plain Silver Ring


Possible inscriptions:
AMOR VINCIT OMNIA / love conquers all
ANIMUS LAETITIĀ VIGET / joy strengthens the soul
ESSE QUAM VIDERI / to be, rather than to seem
IMPAVIDE PROGREDIAMUR / go forth courageously
RERUM CONSENTIENS COGNATIO / a harmonious unity of things
PER ASPERA AD ASTRA / through difficulties to the stars
FABRICANDO FABRICAMUR / by creating, we create ourselves
HIC ET NUNC / here and now
FIDES VERI ET FIDUCIA / faith in truth and cofidence in one’s self
ANIMUS SUPERIORA CAPESSIT / the spirit strives upward


Product details

  • Size: width 5mm
  • Material: 925 sterling silver
  • Colour: Silver
  • Product code: 3


The product will be shipped out within 14 business days. When the product is shipped out – the delivery time depends on the buyers’ location. In Baltics the delivery takes 3-5 business days.



Designer’s note: The length of the ring can be made longer or shorter, depends on client’s taste. On the photo the model is wearing 3 rings in one finger.

For more than 10 years already, brand VERBA is creating unique handmade jewelry designs from silver and natural stones. The main source of inspiration for brand designer Anna Fanigina is words. Each created piece has a unique inscription in Latin. With its’ significant yet short spoken phrases, Latin plays a role as a peculiar “code” in the never-ending stream of messages to the humanity.
Aesthetics of VERBA is based on transparency, ascetics, and simplicity.