Dhalia earrings are timeless and classic. They suit wonderfully regardless of your age or outfit. You can wear them with sneakers or heels. Enjoy their floral company while lounging on your sofa or on a night out!

Product details

  • Size: 5 cm
  • Weight: 7,13 g
  • Material: Oxidized silver
  • Made in Estonia


This product is made to order. The product will be shipped out within 7 business days. When the product is shipped out – the delivery time depends on the buyers location. In Baltics the delivery takes 3-5 business days.

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Designer’s note: Dhalia earrings are made from oxidized silver and different semi precious stones: rose quartz, dumortierite, black onyx

Birgit Skolimowski Jewellery brand represents feminine and romantic jewellery shaped into a simple form. Her jewellery reflects the Tallinn-based artist and brand author Birgit Skolimowski herself- her life, moods, and experiences. She draws inspiration from life. From the fast city life, as well as from the quiet nature. The artist has said to be most affected by the people around her. She creates and shapes the jewelry while always thinking about how and who could wear them. Consequently, the brand’s represented style is not constant in time– as we ourselves are continuously changing as the seasons' change, so do the brand’s jewellery collections. She likes to create jewellery for people who love something with a story behind it. Something that doesn’t lose it's value in time or in the rapid changes in fashion. As the artist appreciates the evidence of handcrafting in jewellery, which can’t be achieved by using technology, Birgit’s jewelry is always personal, close and warm. Another important operating principle of Birgit Skolimowski's Jewellery is the conscious and emphasized use of other materials besides metals in jewelry design, which provides excitement and unlimited opportunities in the artist’s work.

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Silver, Oxidized silver


Beige, Blue, Green, Light blue, Red