STELLA SOOMLAIS Arm Your Arm x2 Wide Leather Wristband


Arm your arm with this simple yet expressive leather wristband. This wide band goes around your wrist twice and can be closed with a simple screw-button.


Product details

  • Size: Width 2 cm
  • Length according to your wrist circumference:
    XXS (14-15 cm) XS (15-16 cm) S (16-17 cm) M (17-18 cm) L (18-19 cm) XL (19-20 cm)
  • Material: Leather, metal details (nickel, old brass, brass)
  • Colour: Black, dark brown, light brown
  • Made in Estonia


This product is made to order. The product will be shipped out within 3 business days. When the product is shipped out – the delivery time depends on the buyers location.
In Baltics the delivery takes 3-5 business days.



Designer’s note: Each of our leather wristband has a story to tell. A story on how it is made, what materials have been used for it, who has made it and how the price of the bag is built up.

When purchasing a bag, we want you to make a conscious choice. Therefore we are giving our customers as much information as possible about the products. For us it’s not just about creating transparency, it’s about building a lifelong companionship where honesty and transparency are ingrained.

Stella Soomlais has created a brand that offers handcrafted leather bags and accessories that are handmade in her studio by her and by fellow artisans. Stella design philosophy is to create products that would last a lifetime, that is why she is designing her bags so that they could be easily recycled and-designed. As a brand owner she feels obligated to use leather to the max and take full responsibility for her creation.

Additional information



Metal details

Nickel, Old Brass, Brass