MIURIO Roman Fountain Silk Scarf


Inspiration for the pattern comes from Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi (the Fountain of the Four Rivers) located in plaza Navona in Rome. This 17th century masterpiece was built by architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini in 1651.
The scarf depicts golden night light casted on fountain pillar, as well as the fountain’s angels holding torches.
This ultra-feminine golden coloured scarf gives a sense of luxury and belonging to high culture for the wearer.
Perfect for tying around your neck or wearing it sexy on your head, or in your hair.
Original pattern design by Rita Assor, printed on Italian silk satin fabric.
Sold as limited collection.


Product details

  • Size: 90x90cm
  • Material: Twill silk 100%, OEKO-TEX certified inks
  • Colour: Black, gold, multicoloured
  • Product code: MIURIO_fountain



The product will be shipped out within 3 business days. When the product is shipped out – the delivery time depends on the buyers’ location. In Baltics the delivery takes 3-5 business days.


In stock (can be backordered)



Designer’s note:

Digitally printed in UK.

Twill silk 100%, OEKO-TEX certified inks. Hand-rolled hemming.

Comes packed in a gift box.

MIURIO design studio has grown out of passion to create aesthetically pleasing, vividly colorful and positivity embracing collections of interior design products. Pattern design and photography are the core creative fields, upon which all the products are borne.
Ultra feminine and freshly authentic designer silk scarves are another cornerstone of an artistic expression of our creative director and designer Rita Assor.