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Rasma Puspure is known for her structured and strong jewellery pieces. However with her new series, she has created something fun and simple. PERFECT MATCH! is a collection for risk-takers, fire makers, and minimalistic jewellery lovers. As simple as that!

Rasma Puspure Perfect Match

Perfect Match jewellery by latvian designer Rasma Puspure

As the collection name states, the inspiration behind the PERFECTMATCH! comes from matches. They can be burnt or unlit. Something simple, yet it will catch the attention because it is so unique. The limited edition collection is made of recycled silver, which ensures the full cycle of material use. Rasma Puspure stands by the idea of creating jewellery that will last forever.

About designer

Rasma Puspure is the person behind Rasma Puspure Jewelry. She is a designer, artist, creator, and communicator. Rasma comes from Latvia, originally from a small town Gulbene but is now based in capital Riga. For her –  inspiration comes by accident, spontaneously and unexpectedly. She says to be inspired by the endless beauty of nature that will be locked into jewellery.

Rasma makes jewellery that questions unwritten structures and themes. Jewellery that attracts others to think and feel. For her jewellery is miniatures of life’s content with subliminal messages.

Rasma Puspure Perfect Match jewellery

Photo captured by Arttu Karvonen at Rasma studio in Riga

Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Stylist Alli-Liis Vandel wearing Perfect Match Burned & Unlit silver rings and pendant

Radisson Blu Aleksanteri

Each piece is 100% handmade by Rasma Puspure herself. No casting is used so they are all a little different. It adds a natural and ‘not factory made’ look to each item. Gold plated versions are also available!

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