Welcome to Wuruhi, the pioneer of connecting Baltic fashion and accessory designer community with the world international smart shoppers.

Wuruhi.com is Baltic Design e-Store and online community that connects jewellery and accessory designers and their customers.

The word “wuruhi”, a “wolf”, comes from the Maori language. We in Wuruhi are a wolf pack – a family group of designers and enablers who work and grow together.

Wuruhi is the place to discover the hidden jewels of the Baltics.

We are unique. Wuruhi.com is the first community in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania that connects both fashion jewelry and art jewelry design. We have conveniently brought together wood, leather and metal artists. Right at your fingertips.

Wuruhi’s mission is to connect designers and design lovers & consumers. We provide an online user-centered shopping environment & services and an entertaining & educating magazine.

We aim to…

  • Run an e-store with the best user experience
  • Create content that speaks to our customers and community
  • Help people shop smart through building a bridge between the values of the design community and the customers.

Smart shopping is embodied in…

  • Long-lasting and high quality products
  • Supporting small enterprises and producers
  • Environmental sustainability and protection

Wuruhi stands on three pillars

Design & Sustainability

We value design & designers who contribute to and promote sustainable consumption.

Teamwork & Unity

Our team is growth- and solution-oriented.

Respect & Thoughtfulness

We stand for respectful, fair & caring treatment of all. Each person is special and equally important to us.