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Wuruhi brings ”On the Road” photo series to Vilnius! This time, our designed photo shoot took place at the Baltic Bridal Show in Vilnius, held on February 18.

For the occasion, Wuruhi team chose elegant and unique statement jewellery from Estonian designers. Our selection centred around the idea that all of them might as well be your next everyday accessories. Our stylist Alli-Liis describes: ”They are great to match with different looks – for parties and events but also to make each day a bit brighter with casual outfits.”

What we are especially happy about is that we know how much each of the designers in this photo series have put their heart into their creation and work.



Anneli Tammik jewellery

SUMMER SEASON: Hortensia Silver Earrings and Necklace by Anneli Tammik Jewellery; White Silk Cardigan by Marimo Fashion


Ida Tau Harness One leather accessories

MINIMAL MOVEMENT:  Harness Two leather accessories by Ida Tau; Young Moon Silver Earrings by Seco by Jane Aus; Dress by Diana Arno


On the road Vilnius Tanel Veenre Jewellery

KINGDOM OF DREAMS: Hippo Couture Earrings by Tanel Veenre Jewellery; Hat by Elvira Liiver from Katariina Guild; Shirt by Shay from LEVI Design Shop 


Kaire Rannik Silver Earrings

CLASSIC COMEBACK:    Silver Leaf  Earrings by Kaire Rannik; Love Bracelets by New Vintage by Kriss; Silk top by Marimo Fashion


Production: Wuruhi.com team

Model: Laura Kunman

Photographer: Arttu Karvonen

Stylist: Alli-Liis Vandel

Make-up and Hair: Egle Ainumäe

Venue: Vilnius old town

Assistant: Anna Vandel

To shop smart. This is central to my own philosophy and experience. We do not need many things but we do need great things. / Founder of Wuruhi.com