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MINE METSA or WALK THE FOREST is Estonian local design with strong environmental consciousness. Purchasing anything from the Capsule collection means that its designers will plant a young tree in celebration of our forests – and your conscious purchase.
The founder and patron of the Mine Metsa or Walk the Forest idea is the Estonian jewelry brand NVBYK. Namely, New Vintage by Kriss has created a special jewelry collection called Mine Metsa or Walk the Forest that is an ode to our precious forests while also serving as a reminder that we in Baltics still are lucky enough to enjoy the nature and everything in it in a free and old-fashioned way.
Mine Metsa

Mine Metsa by New Vintage by Kriss capsule collection

Buying a ring or bracelet that carries this specific message means that you are also purchasing a real tree that will be planted during a community workday in the Spring 2018. Several new fashion designers for whom the health and fate of Estonian forests matter a great deal to have already joined this virtuous undertaking.
Go to the Forest bracelet and ring

Mine Metsa or Walk the Forest bracelet and ring

The creative designer and founder of NVBYK Kriss Eglite derived inspiration to create this minicollection from shinrin-yoku forest therapy, rooted in 1980s’ Japan. Research has proven that spending time in the fresh forest air causes changes in our immune system and decreases the level of stress. Kriss adds: “Us, Estonians, still have the chance to go to the forest just when we wish to do so and to enjoy the therapeutic effects without paying any fees or being a part of a therapy group. Thus – let’s appreciate and relish this priceless prize we’ve been granted!”

Our experience

Wuruhi has a special relation to this project. In May 2017, days after opening our website, our team participated in the first communal tree planting in Viimsi near Tallinn. The very same young trees that decorated the opening ceremony of Wuruhi were then planted in a forest by our team! Our brand name “Wuruhi” means a “wolf” in the Maori language – and thus, our wish as a team is to contribute to forests where our wolves are from and where our roots are at.
Wuruhi meeskond metsa istutamine

Wuruhi team participated in the first communal tree planting in Viimsi near Tallinn May 2017

Wuruhi team planting trees May 2017

Check the Mine Metsa! Capsule collection in Wuruhi here.

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