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Milli makes hair jewellery for the bold: her strong and undeniably striking pieces contain precious materials such as diamonds.

As many product designers in history, Milli Maier designed her first hair jewellery piece out of frustration with available options.

She believes that hair entails in itself mystery, eternity and the human spirit, and therefore wanted to create something that would reflect that through high quality and a story the wearer would identify with. Her idea is to weave together precious materials, unique design and practicality. All of Milli’s jewellery is a product of Estonian craftsmanship and are meant to be worn by both men and women.


Milli Maier 18K Gold Pendant and White Diamonds Hairpin

Milli kickstarted her luxurious hair jewellery design in 2012 and designed her first hair jewellery piece during her apprenticeship. She is part of the Tartu Centre for Creative Industries in Estonia and was presented with an international design award in the A’Design Award & Competition for her first multifunctional hairpin already in 2013.

By creating a brand that carries her own name, Milli wishes to introduce her motherland, the small Estonia to the world and exhibit that a country’s size is not determine the possibility of realizing one’s dreams. Fascinated, we asked Milli to share what drives her and awaits her luxurious hair jewellery brand in the future.

Who is Milli Maier?

I see myself as a seeker of the numinous, wonder and awe. I’m planting my discoveries into the work of designing exclusive and fine hair jewellery in my signature brand Milli Maier . Here, the aim is to create tiny treasures that are to be kept forever. I also consider myself to be a humble passenger of the life I have and I deeply cherish the people who are around me.


What is your brand? When was it launched and where?

Milli Maier fine hair jewellery got its beginning when I started exploring the ancient myths from times when Gods and Goddesses wore head icons that symbolized their mind and what they stood for. It inspired and gave me the unquenchable thirst to recreate the story of ‘Human Highness’. People who strive to be the best version of themselves so that they could always wear their ‘invisible crown’ as a symbol of their mind. The concept is about creating precious jewellery items for hair that have a practical use, yet a symbolic and significant value for its wearer.


Milli Maier Diamond Earring

Milli Maier 18K Gold and White Diamonds Orion’s Belt hair clip Earring


The international launch of the brand took place in February 2017 in London. We reached a milestone by having a positive welcome in that historic and remarkable city and by receiving encouraging feedback that these unique hair pieces have their own place out there. The hair jewellery collection showcased exceptional, majestic craftsmanship which reflected the ancient myths and the light through the beautiful combination of diamonds, gold and one of a kind jewellery concept.

You are doing something very exclusive. How do you draw the courage for that?

We live by a mythology in a sense that we all have our own story according to which we try to overcome the odds and slay the dragons. To learn from our achievements and bestow the knowledge to somebody else. Using our capacity to imagine, design and create and acknowledge the truth that we are ‘human becomings’, constantly striving towards our higher selves. I still live hand-in-hand with fear and have to face the limits that I have set for myself. I have two helpful quotes in my head for those kind of moments. For one:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t-you’re right.” (Henry Ford)

What is your bigger vision?

My main goal is to continue creating things that I like and that excite me. Not to settle in the state of mind where there are only “been there”-s and “done that”-s. Process of creation gives me a chance to experience things for the first time, over and over again. For the business side, the goals at the moment focus on spreading the word and spotting the right strategy to make us as visible as possible. It’s also important to scout for new locations around the world where we could reach out next and to gather a strong team to sail across the oceans with.


“You get there by realizing you are already there.” (Eckhart Tolle)



Milli Maier Pille Aasa Arttu Karvonen Alli-Liis Vandel Reelika Selirand Erica Teras
Lilli Jahilo Anna Vandel Stuudio 35 Decoris Showroom / Balmain Hair Couture Milli Maier

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