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How do you go from driving the car to riding the bike everywhere in the city? We asked the Estonian actor Karl Robert Saaremäe to share the reasons why he loves bicycling more than anything and how to make it part of your lifestyle.

Who is Karl Robert Saaremäe?

Last week we tested out some pretty terrific Estonian designed urban bikes from Ampler and KP Cykler with Karl Robert. Karl is a young talent from a family of actors who is currently studying in Viljandi and is known to many Estonians for his role in the TV-series “Viimane võmm” (“The last cop”).

What we find remarkable is that he prefers bikes to cars – in a society where many young people just wish to get behind their own shiny motorized vehicles, we were curious to know why he has decided to use leg power instead of horse power in daily commuting.

Asking Karl: What is it about biking you love?

I prefer a bike to a car because of a simple reason: it helps me feel and acknowledge my surroundings. I am not sitting in a box that takes me from one place to another but get an imminent whiz through the air. Also, riding in the city is a completely different experience.

Bicycling releases adrenaline as the speed is a lot higher than while walking – quite a logical conclusion but we tend to forget that people have created an opportunity to exceed their capabilities using different kinds of resources and utilities.

Only a few of us can move as fast without a bike. Another reason is that I use so much less time to commute from one place to another. In a small town and with shorter distances a bike is a lot faster than a car.

Unfortunately, the whiz I mentioned earlier can instantly be stopped by an unexpected hole in the ground or a sharp curbstone – there are not many bike-friendly towns and roads in Estonia. Of course there are many routes to ride on but many of them are built in the suburbs or outskirts of the city.

Yes, it is great to exercise there as the air is not as polluted and traffic roads don’t make you stop until the red man turns green. Nevertheless, I have decided not to let myself be bothered with it and to make the best out of it – the pleasure definitely overweighs any inconveniences.

Karl and his buddy KP Cykler bike

Wuruhi published a story last year about KP Cykler: The man and his bikes that was a huge success. “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry concluding the core of KP Cykler vintage bikes that are light, superbly designed and of high quality. Karl Robert is a proud owner of one of Kaspar’s bicycles and uses his Bike Hanger for convenient bike parking in the urban apartment.

Dressing up for biking

As a quality lifestyle blog, Wuruhi with our stylist Alli-Liis Vandel dressed Karl Robert properly for the photoshoot. We combined his personal clothes with Reet Aus’ green upcycled materials shirt and mustard Uncle Paul shoes and had an exclusive chance to try the new Merino wool bicycle shirt from SÄRK.

Thank you, Karl Robert and KP Cykler!

Karl Robert Saaremäe Pille Aasa Arttu Karvonen Alli-Liis Vandel Carina Paju Reet Aus green shirt, SÄRK bisycle shirt, Uncle Paul shoes

 Story was first published at PR Fashion Room lifestyle blog in May 2016.

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