Jewellery Designer

For more than 10 years already, brand VERBA is creating unique handmade jewelry designs from silver and natural stones. The main source of inspiration for brand designer Anna Fanigina is words. Each created piece has a unique inscription in Latin. With its’ significant yet short spoken phrases, Latin plays a role as a peculiar “code” in the never-ending stream of messages to the humanity.
Aesthetics of VERBA is based on transparency, ascetics, and simplicity.

The brand name originated from the phrase “adbibere verba pūrō pectore” – “accept words with pure heart” – depicting main idea of the brand: jewellery is not only a pretty accessory, but it is also a carrier of feelings, thoughts and philosophy as contributions from the heart.

Brand Profile


Anna Fanigina is a creator of latvian jewelry brand VERBA.
She has graduated The University Of Latvia with B.Sc degree in mathematics and Riga Applied Art College as a metal designer. As a designer, Anna has participated in art exhibitions in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Finland and Italy. With her brand VERBA, she has been taking part in international messes in France, Germany, Ukraine and The Netherlands.
Prizewinner of Latvian design contests, jewellery arts contest ‘’Fabergé’’ in Finland and ‘’Jewellery Olympus’’ in Russia, Saint Petersburg.
Participant of The State Hermitage Museum archaeological expeditions.
Anna’s design works can be viewed in Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Riga, Latvia and Luciano Benetton Imago Mundi collection.

My one-two-three

1. The best gift I have ever received…
... the people I have met in my life.

2. The best style tip i ever got is...
... to keep the posture.

3. Favourite song/book...
"Morgen" by Richard Strauss and "The Magic Mountain" by Thomas Mann.