Uitpuit is a team of two, Kätlin Tali and Teet Heinloo from Tartu, Estonia, crafting jewellery from upcycled rosewood and sterling silver. We design for people who appreciate nature, sustainability and above all, their own inner beauty. Uitpuit was born from our love and passion for the wood we use and the workmanship involved in shaping it.

If you can envision it, you can probably make it.

Brand Profile


Kätlin is a student of furniture desing and Teet works full time in antiques restoration, a life partnership born long before Uitpuit. With no formal education in the art of jewelry, it has been a process of constant learning and self-development, a thoroughly enjoyable journey. We have always been fans of nordic design, for the simplicity and functionality of it, possibly our greatest source of inspiration. Finding the time in between all our other commitments can be a challenge though.

Muse / Inspiration

We´re fascinated by the synergy between a warm tropical wood and the minimal shapes we create, the marriage of geometry and the material.

Our one-two-three

1. The best gift we have ever received…
... a bottle of good red wine.

2. The best style tip we ever got...
… less is more!

3. Our favourite song and book...
Teet: “Love me do” by The Beatles. Kätlin: G. Orwell´s “1984”

The message our brand carries

Live and let live.