Teenu Design


Work is vacation if you know how to enjoy it.

Brand Profile


I got all of my beliefs and knowledge from my grandfather. He taught me to respect the right things.
He is the one I should thank for being able to do what I love.
After my grandfather passed away, I started wearing his watch. Before I got that watch, it was the most
exact one you could find in the house. Grandfather always warned me that being 10 minutes early is
better than being 5 minutes late.
On my wrist the watch started running 10 minutes too fast. Even after numerous repairs it did not slow
down. It still is 10 minutes ahead to this day!

The message the brand carries

I believe that there is something magical in that, on behalf of the people dearest to us.
This taught me to value the time we were given and to appreciate everything around me.
I got the idea for my first collection from this something, from this story out of my life. And it makes
this collection special.