Rita Livia Jewelry

Jewellery Designer

Rita Livia Jewelry is a brand created by Estonian jewellery artist Rita-Livia Erikson. She focuses on using classical goldsmithing technologies in creating elegant and mostly dark pieces of jewellery. She works with traditional materials to develop new wearable jewellery designs. Her jewellery series, as well as custom made pieces and art jewellery, are about timeless beauty and distinctive character that are made to last and play their part in all seasons through countless years.

“Comparison is the death of joy” -Mark Twain

Brand Profile


I studied jewellery art in Estonian Academy of Arts. Since my graduation in 2012 I’ve been designing and manufacturing jewellery freelance, preferring classical materials, like silver, gold and colored gemstones in my creations. While spending some time in the United States I learned how to facet gems and that addition to my skillset has also broadened my playground in the world of jewellery and gemstones. I consider myself lucky to work in the field that I love, using my own hands to create something new and lasting, and expressing my perceptions through different materials and forms.

Muse / Inspiration

Nature, fantasy and dream worlds.