Lisa Kroeber

Jewellery Designer

Lisa Kröber is a German jewellery artist who lives and works in Estonia. Since 2010 her brand Lisa Kroeber Jewellery has been established on the Estonian Design Market. Since then she designs and produces little jewellery series as well as unique art pieces. She uses all kinds of materials so as precious metals and woods, gemstones and different artificial materials.

Do what you love.

Brand Profile


I studied jewellery and gemstone design in Germany. Before that I worked one year in a goldsmithy with a jewellery master. In between my studies I learned one year in the Metal Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Since 2010 I am a freelance designer.

Muse / Inspiration


My one-two-three

1. The best gift I have ever received is...
... my baby boy.

2. The best style tip i ever got is...
... wear what you feel good in.

3. My favourite song is...
"Blister in the sun" by Violent Femmes.

The message my brand carries

Everyone is unique.