Lentsius Design


Lentsius Design is a chic and fresh design project coming from Estonia. Their line of accessories was started by brother and sister Kairi Lentsius and Marek Lentsius with the helping force of their father Mart. The joint forces of three - a fashion designer, an aircraft engineer and a father with great craftsman skills created a series of Scandinavian chic, unisex and everyday accessories.

It’s all about the materials.

Brand Profile


I’ve studied textile design at Tartu Art College and fashion design MA at The Swedish School of Textiles. I also have a degree in modern history. I’ve done different internships in London and Estonia and I've also been a part of Monton's designer team. At the moment, in addition to my own brand, I’m also a part time teacher for textile design students.

Muse / Inspiration

I don’t use the word inspiration. For me it’s about the research and exploration.