Kristel Suigussaar

Leather Designer

Kristel Suigussaar is Estonian designer brand of Leather Gloves and Accessories, launched in 2012, with the mission to create unique, timeless design pieces of long-lasting value to counter today’s fast-paced fashion. These artistic masterpieces are constructed with care and passion to brighten up our everyday lives with wearable art.

All or Nothing at all!

Brand Profile


Behind the label Kristel Suigussaar Design is graduate in Leather Design (Tartu Art College) and specialist in leather gloves and accessories (practice since 2008), Kristel Suigussaar.

The message the brand carries

The Artistic Leather Gloves and Accessories by Kristel Suigussaar are more than one-of-a-kind handcrafted masterpieces with mindful choice of material, artisan execution, and a precious fragment of the creator soul. These are wearable art forms of sophisticated self-expression and personal philosophy– The Lifestyle and The Statement Jewellery.