Krista Lehari

Jewellery Designer

Krista Lehari is Estonian Jewellery Designer. Krista designs for the people who are tired of fast fashion and mass production, who doesn’t think that anyone can be a designer. For who appreciate the timeless, but live in the moment and are present. Krista says that she exists through her designs and creations.

Jewellery is not merely an accessory, but a concentrate of one’s identity - Never stop playing.

Brand Profile


Estonian Art University, MA

Muse / Inspiration / Customer Highlight

My inspiration: rainy weather, empty roads, symphony orchestra. I would say my customer highlight would be - Grand Old Lady Ita Ever.

My one-two-three

1. The best gift I have ever received…
... the best gift is a surprise.

2. The best style tip i ever got…
… valuable material over trend.

3. My favourite song and book...
Cigarettes after sex “Affection”, Amelie Nothomb “Fear and trembling”

The message my brand carries

Real beauty is slow and organic not fast and synthetic.