Katrin Veegen

Jewellery Designer

I am a freelance jewellery artist and designer Katrin Veegen, working in the heart of medieval old town of Tallinn, Estonia. Currently my work in this field is divided into two different directions. One of them is creating conceptual one of a kind pieces of jewelry. The other is developing and making fashion jewelry in limited quantity. These are meant for everyday use and having small more playful kind of stories behind them should offer the opportunity to accessorize with minimalistic and fresh style.
And I simply love working with my hands, feeling the transformation of materials into the reflections of my ideas.

I think we all try to make sense of things taking place around us and within ourselves. Through this curiosity we find among other things also beauty and valuable meanings in life and art.

Brand Profile


My higher education I acquired from the Estonian Academy of Arts and during the time studying there I also had the chance to broaden my views and experiences in University of Central England in Birmingham. After graduating I worked couple of years as a goldsmith and designer in the local jewellery shop and then I felt ready to start my life as a freelance artist. Since then I have taken part of exhibitions and projects in Estonia and abroad and also been honored with several awards.

Muse / Inspiration / Customer Highlight

My muse? Well, I must say that in the end it is Life itself in its many forms and mysteries. And this particular Muse is ever-changing as are we, you must just keep your eyes and heart open.

I was once told by a gallery that represents me, that one day there was a japanese visitor who was looking for a quite a long time a piece of mine and giggling at the same time. After a while she approached the seller and modestly told that she can not wait to see the impression on her friends face, when she will present this piece of jewellery of mine. And she left the gallery with my work and with the continuous giggle. These are the customer experiences that lift the spirit for me.