Karl Korsar

Fashion Designer

Karl-Artur Korsar is a textile designer born in Tartu, Estonia. He designs for men and women in all age groups and shapes and sizes who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd.

You can be the ripest, juiciest peach out there but there will always be someone who doesn’t like peaches.

Brand Profile


I studied textile design in Estonian Academy of Arts. After that i moved to London where i was working on various freelance projects, with other costume and fashion designers- the biggest would be doing costume fabrics for the London Olympic Opening Ceremony. And in 2015 i started my own label with a clear and unique vision.

Muse / Inspiration / Customer Highlight

These constantly change, usually muses are not celebrities but people who have got the whole package despite having limited funds. I find my best friend Christian Everett Darling to be very inspiring - he writes and produces incredible music. The most famous customer would be Akram Khan, the number 1 contemporary dance group in the world.

My one-two-three

1. The best gift I have ever received…
... I have had a big crowd of people singing Happy Birthday to me in a concert hall.

2. The best style tip i ever got…
... You can never have too many scarves or shoes.

3. My favourite book...
Im a huge fan of David Sedaris, his book “Naked” is a must read.

The message my brand carries

I think my brand is very lustful, from a personal perspective i perceive the future as something very colourful instead of monochromic . Eclectic colour schemes have been kept together by the highest quality of fabric and tailoring.