Kadi Veesaar

Jewellery Designer

Kadi Veesaar is a conceptual jewellery artist who is creating both unique and serial jewellery, working in a small studio located between the forests of Southern Estonia.
Contemporary jewellery art is more like the art of materials by its nature, jewel by its disposition determines its limits. Those two aspects are perfect for her, they offer an opportunity to experiment with the wide range of materials, trying to cast them still into the pure, wearable form.

I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.

Brand Profile


In my childhood I sewed and drew all the time, so it was pretty logical to go for studies of tailoring and fashion design. But then computers came, being so interesting and exciting – so I got my second master's degree in informatics and had a great career as software developer/architect. Years ago, something started to itch me inside, didn’t feel myself happy and fulfilled at work. I understood that deep inside I just want to make something with my hands and heart, something that would carry a message, challenge myself, and offer pleasure for the others. So, I studied again, this time jewellery and blacksmithing. I left my last workplace, Skype, one year ago for the jewellery art.

Muse / Inspiration

The funny thing is that I get inspired when my hands are occupied but my mind is free, whether it’s while driving a car, working in the garden, hiking in the bog with the camera, browsing a catalog or working in my studio. Mostly my jewellery is idea based - sometimes some actual topic bothers me so I feel the need to respond to it, sometimes some funny idea hunts me down - because one should never take life and jewellery art too seriously.

My one-two-three

1.The best gift I have ever received...
... my family.

2.The best style tip i ever got...
... that the best accessory one can have is confidence.

3.My favourite song...
... depends on my mood.

The message my brand carries

Be kind, be curious, be responsible, be loving - but never forget to have some fun!