Jewellery Designer

Gvido Valickis is a jewellery artist from Latvia who knew at the age of 12 who he wanted to be. The wish to be a jewellery artist brought him to study in Estonia and here he stayed. He feels lucky that he has chosen one very specific field as his profession and that it still excites and feeds him after all these years.

Only the very best is always the best.

Brand Profile


I started at Riga`s Design and Art High School and after that I attended Estonian Art Academy. After graduation I worked for 3 years at Sangla and ever since I am my own master.

Muse / Inspiration

Sorry, there is none. My will to work comes from the need to realise the ideas in my head. Work itself creates new ideas.

My one-two-three

1. The best gift I have ever received...
... is my first bike.

2. The best style tip i ever got...
... is that the best style is when your heart is at its' right place.

3. My favourite song...
... Raimond Pauls songs

The message my brand carries

You make a compliment to others by presenting the best version of yourself. That goes for both: making the jewellery and wearing the jewellery.