Diano Jewellery


Diano jewellery is owned by a young designer-maker Diana Novikovaite, who is currently working in Lithuania. Diana's interest in drawing provides her with unusual shapes, which later she transforms into wearable jewellery objects. Diana is intrigued by the audiences’ personal perspective, urging them to use their imagination and relate their own story to the individual abstract shapes created in her jewellery pieces.

"I believe in creative control. No matter what anyone makes, they should have control over it" by David Lynch.

Brand Profile


In 2017 Diana graduated from the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, United Kingdom. In 2016 she took a part in international exchange programme at NSCAD university in Halifax, Canada. After graduation Diana has joined 'HERMIS' jewellery manufacturing company in Telšiai, Lithuania.

The message the brand carries

Diano jewellery aims to give a positive and creative look.