Darja Popolitova

Jewellery Designer

Darja Popolitova is the Estonian jewellery artist and designer behind eponymous brand Darja Popolitova Jewellery. Her unique direction emerged during studying at Estonian Academy of Arts and complementing her skills at Florian Ladstätter’s studio in Vienna as well as being tutored by Tanel Veenre. She went on creating jewellery that pulsates on the verge of youth and individuality - casual contemporary treasures. Along with new approach to recycling there are also classical techniques in her works. Darja Popolitova formula is a fusion of modern freedom and urban nectars.

I believe in parallel Universes. The jewellery is my portal.

Brand Profile


Having graduated with MA cum laude diploma from Estonian Academy of Arts in 2015 (Jewellery and Blacksmithing), I was trained additionally at Florian Ladstätter’s studio in Vienna, and by professor Karol Weisslechner in Bratislava.

Darja’s conceptual jewellery has been exhibited in Holland, Germany, Brazil and Spain among others, and have found their place in private collections.

The message my brand carries

The phrase “urban nectars” captures the brand’s pure essence. Sensually enough to bring Darja Popolitova Jewellery aesthetics to the forefront. The matt touch of colours, stainless steel, and mysticism of transparency are the elements of the brand’s profile.