COCKOO is founded on the idea of combining aesthetics and art, and is aimed at challenging the common perception of body adornment by continuously innovating the approach to the human body via jewellery design , besides, by not forgetting the aspect of comfort.

COCKOO is a contemporary jewellery brand with focus on comfort, movement, material and interaction with the body, inspired by dance, bodies, wandering, fairy-tales, cities, nature, ocean, people - their stories.

Brand Profile


Solveiga studied ceramics, glass and jewellery art. She is a self-touch multi-disciplinary artist based in Vilnius / Paris /Bali. She has been creating fashion accessories since 2004. The artist grew up in a hardcore punk underground scene, later started her dancing career in Aura dance theatre, where she expanded her artistic direction to the performance art. Solveiga is also engaged in photography, styling, modelling, fashion-designing, tattooing, performing.

The message the brand carries

COCKOO values the hand ware process - every piece is created by hand. We focus on high quality, fair trade materials and unique aesthetics.