Astrid Rajalo

Leather Designer

Tartu-based leather jewellery designer Astrid Rajalo is inspired by geometry and ancient symbols. Designing and making jewellery is a joyful game for her. She designs for a woman who is independent, self-executing and in search of novelty. She trusts her intuition and dares to follow it. She is courageous, loves to travel and discover the world. She is constantly involved in broadening her horizons and is never bored. She enjoys both solitude as well as companionship. She loves reading books and enjoys theatre, music and beautiful architecture. She is ageless– when she is 25 she is considered mature for her age and when she is 65 then no one believes her age as she is eternally youthful and full of energy.

We create our own reality. “Not situations but our thoughts make our life miserable or happy” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

Brand Profile


Tartu Art school, Leather Design (1984-1988)
Tartu ARS (art factory) (1988-1992)
Working in my own leather art studio (1992-1996)
Astrid Rajalo OÜ Manager (1996-....
Art Accessories OÜ Manager (2016…..
Tallinn Business Incubators (Incubate) 2016

The message my brand carries

Jewelry has carried a symbolic meaning for people from the beginning of times. A symbol is something that represents through its appearance or essence something considerably deeper and complex than itself. For instance, a circle represents perfection, eternity, protection, and unity. A square, on the other hand, stands for earthly possessions, creation, and order.