Anni Jürgenson

Jewellery Designer

Estonian designer and model, Anni Jürgenson, is an ambitious girl. At just 15 years old she began a career making statement ear cuffs, an alternative to earrings for her unpierced ears. Drawing inspiration from Native American culture, her modern ear cuffs have a feather headdress look that blends perfectly into modern day. Her jewellery is for anyone daring to experiment and stand out of the crowd. Anni sees designing and hands on work as a form of meditation for her.

I really like this quote by artist Constantin Brâncuși: “What is real is not the external form, but the essence of things... it is impossible for anyone to express anything essentially real by imitating its exterior surface.”

Brand Profile


I started my brand at just 15 years old with no formal education in jewellery, but by just experimenting with different materials and challenging myself. Besides having a grandmother who used to be a handicrafts teacher, a background of art school and lessons in photography also helped me a lot.
Now, I am currently obtaining a degree in Jewelry Design at Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

Muse / Inspiration

My ultimate style muses are Patti Smith and Rei Kawakubo. I also draw a lot of inspiration from 20th century sculptors with Alexander Calder and Constantin Brâncuși being my favourites.