Behind the brand Alton Bags stands accessory designer Anneli Kree. She is originally from Tallinn, Estonia, but now living and working in Tartu. Basically you could say that she designs for herself, because all her designs are inspired from a problem or a specific need that she herself has felt. Her clients, like herself, appreciate comfort and functionality, as well as the esthetics of the product. She loves her line of work because she gets to create something with her own two hands and see the visions in her head become reality.

Every time when a rough patch hits, I ask myself “What line of work would you rather do?” And I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Brand Profile


While writing her thesis for a bachelor's degree in contemporary history, she stumbled on an exhibition showing the works of leathercraft students from Tartu Art College and she was stunned. She remembers thinking: “How come I’m not making things like this?” So after getting her degree she decided to extend her educational journey and enrolled in Tartu Art College. "Best decision of my life!" Studied for four years, had a semester abroad in Finland and did a three month internship in Budapest. After graduation in 2015 she started her own brand, which she has now been running for two years. Not a dull day since.

Muse / Inspiration

I am a very practical person and don’t really do art for the sake of it. So my main inspiration comes from everyday real life. I’m constantly checking out the bags people wear on the streets or the ones sitting on store shelves and imaging what or how I would make them better and more efficient.

My one-two-three

1. The best gift I have ever received...
... is a puppy with a humongous bow for my birthday or for christmas or for women’s day… I’m not picky! Give me a freaking puppy!

2. The best style tip i ever got…
... were the wise words of my husband: “Honey, there are more colors than just black!”

3. My favourite song and book...
I’m not really a “that-is-my-favourite” kind of a girl. It can change every day… yesterday I enjoyed the sweet sound of AC/DC, but today at the studio I danced my ass off to “Hype” by Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris!

The message my brand carries

ALTON is constantly trying to make life more comfortable. We are looking to make your accessories work with you not against you. That’s why we have experimented with different materials and finally stuck with waterproof, lightweight and durable Cordura textile. Enjoy an active lifestyle and take it lightly!