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Wuruhi begins its series of designer meet-ups where jewellery designers introduce their creation and share their stories of becoming designers. As we’re planning the next meet-up, let’s have a look back to September when the jewellery artist Birgit Skolimowski invited us and editors of Estonian magazines to marvel her creative process.

The morning coffee in Tallinn took us all first to A-Galerii and to the creative house at Hobusepea 2 that serves as the workplace to more than 50 designers. Besides Birgit Skolimowski, we also paid a visit to Gram studio where Linda al-Assi, Merle Kasonen and Ettel Poobus all happily introduced what and why they do what they do.

It was great to hear personal stories of what it is like to be a creative designer with all its pains and joys. Wuruhi was also happy for the high interest in our initiative – amongst others, we joined ranks with the chief editor Tiina Kruus and the fashion editor Anu Lensment from Anne&Stiil, the chief editor of Mood Silvia Päärman, the chief editor of Äripäev in Russian Aljona Stadnik, Jane Uus and Maris Orav from the Estonian Design Centre, editors from Baltic Guide, Tiiu and so on, so on! It was a wonderful day with plenty of questions asked and coffee consumed. The occasion was also broadcasted by Portail which you can read up on in Estonian here.

Our next meeting took place on the day before Women’s Day this year when Estoria hotel invited its corporate guests and heard from Estonian jewellery artists Anneli Tammik and Kaire Rannik who usually work in the creative house on Hobusepea street. Stay tuned for the next exciting and explorative meet-up!


Photography: Arttu Karvonen



First, never underestimate the influence of a single person's vision and ability to inspire others. Second, these packs of passionate people always deserve a great story. / Editor in Wuruhi.com