It was early Saturday morning and the rest of the city was still asleep. However, the Wuruhi team met in a cozy homely atmosphere accompanied by a beautiful slow sunrise. Florence + the Machine’s album “Ceremonials” was played in the background from the vinyl player, and the most captivating scents of coffee delighted our senses.

From the Wuruhi showroom at Sokos Hotel Viru, we had brought with us some of the hidden pearls of Baltic design, which really started to shine with the help of Alli-Liis’ creative ideas and Arttu’s amazing photo eye. No time consuming nor complicated preparations – just getting comfy and artistic with lovely people and wonderful design. It was our little inspirational ceremony!


Merle Kasonen Bella pin

Bella pin by Merle Kasonen


Silver Twig Necklace by Estonian designer Kätrin Beljaev

Silver Twig necklace by Kätrin Beljaev


Perfect Match silver rings by Rasma Puspure

Perfect Match silver rings by Rasma Puspure


earrings by Rasma Puspure

Perfect Match dangled unlit coral & onyx earrings by Latvian designer Rasma Puspure


Lible Silver Earrings

Lible earrings by Estonian designer Tohuto


Felix Silver Earrings by Estonian designer TOHUTO

Felix silver earrings by Tohuto, Molecul ring by Merle Kasonen


Silver Bow Bracelet by Estonian designer Triin Kukk

Silver Bow bracelet by Triin Kukk



Kõik on võimalik silver necklace by New Vintage by Kriss


Production: team

Model: Alli-Liis Vandel

Photographer: Arttu Karvonen

Stylist: Alli-Liis Vandel

Jewellery: Wuruhi Showroom at Sokos Hotell Viru väljak 4, Tallinn