Wuruhi.com is Baltic Design online store that connects jewellery and accessory designers and their design lovers. More than that, we want to connect shopping and lifestyle in one place while helping customers save time. If someone wants to buy accessories and great jewellery art from Baltic designers, Wuruhi is the place where to find it. You can discover designers you have never heard of before, see products you have never seen before and find out more about their creators. Kuidas rohkem rääkida seda kui loona? Oleme ise ka kõige suuremad fännid oma toodete kandmisel! Kuidas saaksime oma kogemusi sisse tuua eesti disaini koha pealt? mul on ka artikkel tehtud varem https://wuruhi.com/wuruhi-running-with-wolves/

We are happy to present studio artists with exceptional craftsmanship who all tell their unique stories through design. craftmanship has long history Estonia Latvia Lithuania /võiks mõne sõnaga öelda mis riigid baltikumi kuuluvad ja kus me asume ning meil on väga pikk ajalugu ehte ja naha kunstis

I dare say…

you haven’t heard the meaning behind the word WURUHI?

The word “wuruhi”, a “wolf”, comes from the Maori language. The grey wolf (canis lupu) is the national animal of Estonia since 2018.

In Wuruhi we are a wolf pack – a family group of designers and enablers who work to help you discover the hidden jewels from Baltics. Baltic Design united!

Our unity comes power of the pack  – We have conveniently brought together wood, leather and metal artists. We value design and designers who contribute to and promote sustainable consumption. Having selected all contributors carefully, wuruhi stands for sustainability. Designers imply artisan methods (as much as possible) in their jewellery & accessory production.


Wuruhi aims to help people shop smart through building a bridge between the values of the design community and the customers.

To shop smart. This is central to my own philosophy and experience. We do not need many things but we do need great things. says Pille

For us (wuruhi team), smart shopping is embodied in long-lasting and high quality products and in supporting small enterprises and producers.

Quantity is not important, jewellery & accessories are personal and should make its owner feel special. Every piece is thoroughly thought through and has a story to speak. Every custom-made item has its own story and character. Handycrafted and made in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Studios in Tallinn Riga Vinius,

Wuruhi stands on three pillars

wuruhi baltic design sustainability

Design & Sustainability
We value design & designers who contribute to and promote sustainable consumption.


wuruhi teamwork growth

Teamwork & Unity Our team is growth- and solution-oriented.


wuruhi respect love unity

Respect & Love
We stand for respectful, fair & caring treatment of all. Each person is special and equally important to us.