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Conscious consumption is an inevitable matter in order prevent the complete loss of planet’s natural resources. Kaisa Tooming, editor in chief and creative director of the Estonian design and music online magazine Häppening, is one of those women whose goal is to guide people to make more ethical choices. Thus we decided to share Kaisa’s article, in which she has compiled 8 recommendations for more responsible fashion consumption. The article dates from 2018, but the tips it contains are even more relevant today.

So how can you start making more ethical consumption choices? Or how to check if the company might be involved in green washing? Unfortunately it cannot be directly controlled. But you can research the company’s background – their history, philosophy, certificates and ask for more information.


Below you can find just some of the useful recommendations for more ethical consumption:

1. Be aware of your purchasing decisions;
2. Consume less and more consciously;
3. Ask yourself – do I really need it?;
4. Consume alternatively – consume the products of local makers, visit vintage shops;
5. Prefer ethically made products – instead of buying several cheap products, invest in quality every 3-6 months;
6. Find out the manufacturer’s background – what is the company’s philosophy, where is the fabric supplied from, what kind of fabric is that, who sews the products together, etc?
7. Always dare to ask the service provider for additional information;
8. Do not throw away clothes, please find a new life for them – wear them to the end, sew them around or recycle them.


“8 Tips for Responsible Fashion Consumption” original article in Estonian can be found from here. For all our Estonian-speaking readers, we definitely recommend Kaisa’s article “How to consume fashion ethically?” for further reading.

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About the author

In addition to editing the magazine, Kaisa is also a team lead of design agency Fraktal and communications manager of beloved Estonian Jazz Festival Jazzkaar. Wuruhi has been keeping an eye on Kaisa’s ventures for a long time, and this spring we also invited her to take over Wuruhi’s Instagram. Go find Kaisa from our Instagram highlights below the #wuruhiTakeover tag!


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